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Saturday Night Tailgater's Swap Net

History and Repeaters


The net was originally the Saturday Night Alberta Linking Net. Later, first envisioned by Roy, VE6ERW,
the Saturday Night Tailgater's Swap Net was created. It covers most of the central and northern parts of the province of Alberta.

Repeaters include VE6PP, VE6OIL, VE6REP, VE6NHB, VE6EID, Saskatoon reflector #9302, NARC Node 1068 and QCARC IRLP node.


Further Details

The net is on at 8:30 pm (0230 UTC) every Saturday evening.

The net is open to those who are looking for, or have for sale, any items related to ham radio, including software as well as anyone wishing to stop in and say 'hello'.

Ham operators wishing to leave comments, offer to help out as a net control or with items for sale or wanted may contact the Swap Net at ve6tgn [at] yahoo [dot] ca

The net controllers appreciate the co-operation of S.A.R.A. for the use of their linking system, and also NARC and QCARC for the use of their IRLP node.




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A net is a gathering of ham radio operators.

There is a 'net controller' who is in charge of the 'traffic' on the net.

Net control usually refers to the net's preamble, to 'call' the net.

After the opening statements, net control asks for 'check ins' often by area.

The participating ham operators state their callsign, are acknowledged by net control, and perhaps say a little about themselves, activities, announcements etc.